In October of 2023 my family decided to travel to LegoLand California. It was not only an amazing trip, it was fun to watch my younger children enjoy something I have enjoyed my entire life. Legos!!!
While on the trip I noticed there were Lego statues all over the park, statues that are actual lego figures.
So I set out to have a selfie with all of them that I could and my son said it would be cool if I created a website that showcased all of them.
So here is that website. I also invite anyone that visits LegoLand to send in there own selfies to show them off.
How many selfies can you find?

If you want to take the challenge and see how many selfies you can do then send me your selfies and I will post them for you!! Just click the submit button below. Then you can email me directly. Make sure to leave your family name and any other information you would like to add. Friendly hunting!!!